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Miliner Project - Start Here

Ocelot milliner = a wild cat who makes hats
Ocelot Miliner = Legacy Founder

 The Miliners are a generally zany and Halloween loving family, with a bit of a family destiny.   But really, it's not like that sort of things comes up in daily conversation.   'Oh, how's the weather? Good, good.  And the family destiny, could you pick some up at the store, along with some eggs and milk?'

In true scones-like fashion I didn't start publishing their adventures until gen 3 had started.   The Miliners continue to teach me new things every update, and I think it's pretty obvious with the earlier comics that I had/have a lot to learn!

Starting with update #13 I switched to an expanded story telling style.   So if comics annoy you start there. 

Flashbacks  *think of these as a prequel*
  1. My Girl
  2. What Were they Thinking? 
  3. Lasers! plus 2 more

Getting to Know the Family
  1. Hair Shakes - Ocelot, Alesha, and Fisher
  2. Distractions - Alesha and Lynx 
  3. A Gift for Ocelot - Fisher 
  4. A Gift for Ocelot, part 2 - Alesha 
  5. A Gift for Ocelot, Fin - Ocelot, Fisher
  6. Trumblur Hungers - Trumblur the cat
  7. What Did you Call Me? - Cho, Alesha, Aurata
  8. Wait, is that good? - Maebe, Lynx
Angst Detected
    1. The Problem with Searching - Ocelot, Lynx
    2. Secret Codes Impede Clear Communication - Ocelot, Lynx, Aurata
    3. Trumblur Questions   - Aurata, Trumblur
    4. Prom is Fun?   - Maebe, Ocelot
    5. Mercurial Maebe - Maebe, Toni
    6. Twinbrook Squish (mini comic) - Ocelot, Aurata
    7. Ocelot Protests  (mini cross-over comic) - Ocelot
    8. Escape from Angst, Part 1 - Maebe, Toni 
    9. Escape from Angst, Part 2 - Maebe, Toni, Lynx 
    10. Shock and Aw - Escape from Angst mini update - Maebe, Lynx
    11. Escape from Angst, end - Lynx, Maebe

    Family Events (not comics, more like a traditional Legacy)

    Family Information
     Bombay, daughter of Lynx and Alesha:
    Genius, Grumpy
    kids, crepes, sea foam

      Aurata, daughter of Lynx and Alesha:
      Brave, Friendly, Neat
      classical, pancakes, purple

       Fisher, son of Lynx and Alesha:
      Genius, Clumsy, Frugal
      pop, lobster thermidor, sea foam

      Maebe, daughter of Lynx and Alesha:
      Disciplined, Virtuoso, Genius, Grumpy
      Egyptian, goopy carbonara, lilac

       Alesha Wong, wife of Lynx:
      Couch Potato, Brave, Family-Oriented, Charismatic, Friendly
       Chinese, stew surprise, pink
      Stay at Home Hero
      .sim file available on request

       Lynx, son of Ocelot and Cho:
      Excitable, Ambitious, Childish, Brave, Genius
      French, fish and chips, spice brown
      Ghost Hunter
      .sim file

       Cho Sonwhun, wife of Ocelot:
      Commitment Issues, Excitable, Party Animal, Schmoozer, Dramatic
       pop, fruit parfait, purple
      (EA Twinbrook sim - I made no changes beyond hair and makeup, so I am not sharing her .sim file because it would be silly, wouldn't it?)

       Ocelot Miliner
      Mad Scientist
      Ambitious, Handy, Family-Oriented, Green Thumb, Genius
       Electronica, waffles, violet
      .sim file