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Saturday, June 25, 2011

mini comic: Trumblur Questions

And here is yet more proof that I'm woefully behind on comics.  Look, Aurata is even smiling in her sleep.  Maybe she will be happy again once she hits reaches her teens?  Hahaha.

P.S.  It's supposed to be a cat.



Shyne said...

LOL I like it. That cat is well done, don't worry, I can tell it's a cat lol :)

poida said...

Yay kitty! Kitties make everything awesome :D

Nicely done btw, wish I could draw like that...

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Haha, thanks poida and Shyne. I think it might have passed as a fox or weasel or a poorly drawn cow, as well.

And I agree...cats are needed at all times for all projects. Surely, without the 4 AM attention alarm society would just crumble, because we'd all be sleeping.