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Friday, August 22, 2014

Soggy Bottom Island Lighting Default Replacement

Soggy Bottom Island lighting, as standalone default replacements.  Pick one at a time.
Both versions use the same code and color ramps, but they are balanced slightly differently, so different skies show up more or less often.
Soggy Algal Bloom - more hazy weather and more likely to get delightfully creepy red water
Soggy Radioactive Spire - brighter light more often

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Soggy Bottom Island

Soggy Bottom Island
Once, it was connected to the mainland by bridge, and it was home to a fashionable B&B.  And then, well…things went wrong.
Now there’s privacy, and fresh water.  Or, at least, there is a lot of water without salt in it.  How bad could it really be for you?
What it is:
  • a small map
  • 1 residential lot
  • 1 small park
Tell me more:
Soggy Bottom Island has custom lighting, a very swampy feel, and many spawners.
The lighting is a combination of Monte Vista, Twinbrook, Roaring Heights, buhudain’s, and a lot of hand painting and tweaking.
I tried to provide a lot of seeds for beginner gardeners, but they keep turning into lizards.   Even so, shipwrecked sims should be able to stay alive, with few problems.
Known issues:
Snow looks weird.  I couldn’t wrestle CAW into obedience so the edge of the world shows under the water.   When I test played lakes didn’t freeze, but it may not have gotten cold enough.
What you need:
Built with the latest patch.  I have all EPs except IP, so there are no dive lots.
I know I used many plants from Ambitions, World Adventures, and Supernatural.  I may have used plants from other EPs. I used rocks from Pets. There are a few items from Seasons. Without those 5 EPs this world will look dramatically different.
I used a lighthouse and llama sign from Monte Vista, some rubble from Dragon Valley, and some gravestones from Midnight Hollow.  Without these towns the items should just be missing, and it won’t affect the look of the island too much.  Even a missing lighthouse didn’t look too bad, though I’m partial to the island with it.
Many thanks:
First of all, many thanks to everyone for their patience!  I was so excited to be tackling all these challenges, and I know I posted many, many, many pictures.  Plus, your feedback kept me going when I thought CAW would make my head explode right off.
Thank you to tosimornottosim who helped test the island and helped me spot things.
Thank you to everyone who helped with the lighting, including simsample, buhudain, SimsExpressie, Zerbu, and everyone else who has posted tutorials and dds files.  Soggy Bottom uses simsample’s and buhudain’s code, and a modified version of buhudain’s aurora.
Ok, Ok, the goods:
Soggy Bottom Island

More Pictures

Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Simblreen Gift to You

Simblreen was a big success this year!  It's so awesome to be a part of something that made so many people so happy!  I'm really proud <3

Happy Simblreen!

Here is the public release of my treat for you.

I made for you a set of wet looking half-gradient walls inspired by watercolors.  They are heavily textured with watercolor paper texture, as well as splatters of paint.

I hope it helps set the mood in your haunted everythings. :)

3 Channels, 2 wall panels in the set (use both panels together).  Found in misc. walls.