Rebel NaNo

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To Do

Just a little list of projects and things to work on.

I like lists.

They are list-tastic.

20. make less bright versions of the paint sliders

17. Investigate possibility of Wedding Cakes
16. Halloween cakes (done)
15. more tattoos

12. Toile de Jouy pattern
11. More patterns
10. Finish my new skin sliders.(in progress) (done)
4. ♥ Add links ♥  (In progress, though I always have anxiety that I will leave someone out, so I expect this will take a lot of dithering on my part.)3. Post the sims I posted here on the exchange and post the sims from the exchange here. (Done enough?)
2. Finish my tone sliders (in progress)
1. Make funny faces at you. :P  (done!)

If you want to ask for .sim files/have pattern requests/or such this is probably the best place to comment.  This way I'll see it every time I check the To Do List.  :)

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