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Sunday, June 12, 2011

comic: Secret Codes Impede Clear Communication

Edit: Thank you for your patience, 3rd panel is now up.


click for larger size

click for larger size

The good news: the second page features some of the comic bubble shapes I found.  Yes, they take forever to set up the way I want, but I also really fancy them.   What do you think?

>Removed out of date blather here, because the third panel is now up - thanks for being so easy going about me posting incomplete things<

It is supposed to be a cat in the third panel.  I'm excited about Trumblur appearing.  NOT because he looks good (blaaaargh), but because I could draw him at all.  I could squee.   But not if there were people around. Go, wrist, go! Heal, wrist, heal! :D

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angiebeno said...

Aw Aurata is so cute, i love how everyone suspects Ocelot of all this crazy stuff too :)

TestingChamber said...

Good things take time, I just started following you. I love your comics, I wish I could be that great >.< Errrr lol

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Angie - I dunno, Ocelot may have earned it :D

TestingChamber - thank you so much, and hello! If you look back at the first comics they look very different from where 'i am now, I like to pretend I'm getting better. :) Just takes practice!

poida said...

Ooh, this is gorgeous, I think you've done a great job so far :)

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Thank you poida. That means a lot, considering how long I spent on the speech bubbles, and then I thought "Whyyyy...why did I just do that? I could have been out shopping for an OctoCat hat."