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Saturday, June 4, 2011

it's in my brain


Some thoughts:
Tea party!   And there is a tea clock.   I would have liked it better if a tea party was an actual party, and there was a scones recipe, but I'm pretty delighted just to see that little moodlet.   In fact, I make the poor pre-made kid in the unsuspecting test family I've been playing have constant tea parties with his teddy bear just so that moodlet is usually there.  The other wishes are just pie in the sky type wishes.  As in, I'd also like to win a bazillion dollars, but I'm not going to fret over that never happening.

Tea = large mood boost

So far I like Generations much more then I thought I would.  First of all, it came with a free OLS pack.   Which I thought I would hate, but it came with clothes that are both plausible and very attractive.  And a new art easel.

As for the expansion pack... it's nothing jaw dropping, it just boosts the entertainment value of romance and children. 

Also, the new toys make going to the park significantly more entertaining.  Watching random townies fail at hopscotch,  play in the sand, and generally congregate much more willingly is much better then realizing your sim is stuck watching someone play for tips- every single time you leave them alone in the park.

Also, my sims don't have the bad mood bed bug any more.

And I'm not positive, but I think homework is much less time intensive.   Especially when getting help from a parent.

I forgot to mention that there is new maternity wear, and Octocat is on one of the shirts.   Awesome.


How have I not seen anyone mention any of the pre-made houses?  They look great.  I am completely loving the McMansion with the garage converted into an in-law apartment.  Also, a little adorable 2 person castle is available.

I wonder if, right at this very moment, that little castle is being used in a post-as-you-play vampire legacy on facebook?


angiebeno said...

Aw there's so much going on with generations, i haven't had chance to play properly with it yet but tea time sounds like fun :)

Scones For Cream Tea said...

It is very cute, the kids do a little bow. A little silly, but at least it's something to do with the kids, you know?

Hope you are getting a chance to PLAY.