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Thursday, June 2, 2011

2 posts in one day?!?

Background texture  from HERE, and then promptly abused in ArtRage.

Physical Therapy is working :D

I know the painting barely looks like the way I hoped it would, but I used my hand! To draw it! With my hand! And art-ing! Excitement!


On a more sim-sy note, I would like to say if I ever come across as snotty or rude about drawing something, please know that it's not what I'm going for.   I  love drawing on the same scale as loving hats, cats, cephalopods, and Halloween and I get excited to see something finished.  And sometimes I  mention it by way of explanation, as in 'There is no one else to blame for this but me. :('

I did see someone release some CC, and they stated that they created it from scratch and to paraphrase, didn't just use some some clip art.  Implying that using clip art was bad.  It completely rubbed me the wrong way.

It still takes a lot of work, and I love anyone who is willing to take the time to give me free stuff to make the game better.   I think using found patterns or art is sometimes harder because it involves a lot of Photoshop magic.

I do wish that when people used clip art or brushes or vectors they were transparent about where it came from.  I sometimes want to comment on some nice CC, but then freeze up because I don't know if they drew it or edited it or what.

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