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Sunday, June 12, 2011

creeped out


I wish imaginary friends were less likely to barge into the bathroom.

Though right now I do think they are adorable - though I might be in the minority.   They remind me of helpful robots - codependent, helpful robots.


Also, once I turned notifications off, I don't mind memories.   Though it is one more thing to remember to do- deleting useless memories after an hour of playing.  Otherwise the scrapbook gets very cluttered.

I'm loving the custom memory system.  Though, like others, I'm having a hard time figuring out the point of uploading them to my studio.   Is anyone looking at them?   And, unless they are custom memories the image quality is very poor.   Also, the actual images are much larger then the ones they are showing - how does that make sense?   Try right clicking on a memory image and selecting View Image - see what I mean? Why not just take a better, smaller screen capture?

Though if I had a facebook I would use the memory system for uploading a post-as-I-play legacy.   I would call it a SPAMacy.  And possibly only I would find it funny.  But, I would find it really, really funny, every single time I uploaded a memory.


Also, because Poida is a hatless cupcake and a water buffalo I will say here - good luck.  I am highly resistant to change, but I do understand the dangers of distractions, and I hope we still get to hear about your successes.


TestingChamber said...

Oh - the glory of our forever "WHY EA!!!"'s.

poida said...

I'm so glad none of my imaginary friends look like that, I'd spend all my free time crying if they did.

Oh, and I'm not actually a cake, I'm a pie (no idea how the water buffalo fits into all this though), but thank you, if I do indeed succeed in anything, I'll be sure to let you know ;)

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Oh EA, it's fun to try and figure it out, though. I mean, more fun then letting the cold harsh reality sink in.

And Poida...your imaginary friends are gosh darn cute. Not all of us are so lucky.