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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the power of worrying about the Miliners

So light and happy!
So... I realized that Maebe will need to move out soon. :(   So I built a house for spares to hang out in while I find them spouses/decide what to do with them.   But I built it in Barnacle Bay because if Generations has borked my most recent Miliner save I don't want to know until...later.  :D's some picture spam of the Spare House.   It's still a box...but...I'm getting better?

And yet...

1st Floor - bathroom, pipes, goth bedroom, tv room, half bath, foyer, kitchen
1st floor bath

Bella Gothic Room
I really love the new wallpapers!
tv room

2nd floor - raging nectarholic room, master bath, bunk bed bunker, hot tub

...any second now there will be a Fallout reference...

top floor - those sleeping bags are darn comfy

back of the house

Lets see if I can spot all the (awesome, I love it) CC ...
Left for Dead Walltextures
House Plants
Scattered roses and garden roses
textured walls
journal and quill
sideboard and mug
stereo, lights, backdrop
Jar  (so adorable, but the rest of the objects don't work for me)


TestingChamber said...

It is a pretty box though!

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Thank you! :) I'm so thankful to builders, otherwise my neighborhood would be all boxes. :D