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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fantasy skin tone ramps

So....Peach E. Keen on GOS led me to Pixel Trade, which led to me snagging ludicrous amounts of alien sims.

Which led to me realizing that I should have a rainbow slider.

Which led me to realizing that MTS was down.

I could:
a) wait a couple days and download the needed sliders
b) make my own, redundant, sliders but have them within a couple hours

I made a slider with a pale rainbow and a brighter rainbow.  I prefer muted, slightly grey colors, so that is what I used. I really tried to make the bright colors a bit more diluted, but CAS really makes the colors pop, and possibly your retinas.   I take no responsibility for that, I blame CAS.

Both the lightest and the darkest look passably  human, so that could be a lot of fun to play with. :)

Then I pushed random buttons and made a noise based slider.   I think it could be fun for a generational project because the children would have a more random appearance, but would still usually be green.  So it's less random then using a rainbow slider?  More scattered?

Edit to add:  I like pushing random buttons, so I now have a set of Fawkes' style skin tones in progress.   So far I have a red, green, blue, orange, yellow-orange, violet, purple, and a various shades of violet-grey.   But I'll wait to finish them up because, really, 2 finished skin colors is enough for one day.   Plus, I can't imagine that there's a large number of people besides me who appreciate the Fawkes sliders, but finds them a little too monotone.

yellow- pale rainbow   teal - chaos alien

lime - chaos alien  plum-dark rainbow

These are just tones, and will show up under the default skin in your game.

I hope someone out there likes them.  I'm still at the Randomly-pushing-buttons stage of making CC, but sometimes that works out ok. :)  

Terms of use:
 If, and only if, credit is given, along with a link to my blog then you may:

-Include the .package files with your sim files for ease of sharing
-Use the .dds and .png files in your own skin projects
-Edit the tones for your own projects
-Use the tone files for almost anything as long as it is free

You may never:
-Upload these files or a project using these files to any donation/pay site, even if the project  is free
-Use these files for anything requiring donation/payment


I have made the pale end of the rainbow slider a little more pastel and less grey.

Model Credits:
Garden is wearing default replacement skin by Ephemera, blush by Evie, eyeshadow by LFB, eyes by Breyete, and a dress by Tomislaw.   The lipstick is on MTS, which is down, but I think it's by Elexis.

Skin made in skininator <3


poida said...

Ooh, very nice. Have you ever thought about doing your own fantasy skins?

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Aw, thank you Poida :)

I have thought about doing a skin, but not seriously. More like, "It would be fun to make an opal golem type skin." Maybe one day...I'm not there yet, for sure.