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Monday, April 18, 2011

sim file: Lynx

Faux Haiku
Oh, Lynx, Gen 2 heir.   
Why oh why did the game give you blond hair?
We love you anyway.

I've had Lynx on the Exchange for a while now, and even though I can't say he's been a wildly successful download, probably due to my complete lack of street cred/any sort of credibility whatsoever, I do feel I need to mention that the Sims 3 Upload Image Changer has made a HUGE impact on download numbers.   It's really a little bit astounding.


This is Lynx.   He's a real sweetheart.  At the very least he will make your games more blond.

Excitable, Ambitious, Childish, Brave, Genius
Ghost Hunter 
Packaged with default hair, skin, and eyebrows.  Which was particularly easy because he uses default skin, hair, and eyebrows (he was born before I went crazy for CC).

To get him to look the same:
I use the default replacements listed here

He is wearing:

Victorian Pumpkins


Mediafire (.sim file)) | Exchange (.sims3pack)

Ocelot is in progress - my game crashed before I could get to fixing up his sim file.   Ain't that always the way?  Oh, EA...

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