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Monday, April 18, 2011

not a comic: brief tea interlude

various store items

store items and Camille's conversion of Pretty in Pink

Yup, I'm procrastinating.   Every minute I play brings Ocelot and Cho closer to Grimmy.   And where is the fun in that?

New comic on Monday, because I've spent too long decorating the house.

It is darn cute, though.

Camille's pretty in pink conversion is HERE.

Update :  Maybe Tuesday?   It might be safer to say "Updates whenever I can until/if I have wrist surgery."


angiebeno said...

I have been meaning to ask where the love for all things tea comes from? This seems like a pretty good opportunity :)

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Haha...well... it's a beverage, and a reminder to take some time for yourself, and the name of a meal that involves small cakes and often cheese and soup. What's not to like?

Plus, I think a really good cup of tea tastes darn good.

angiebeno said...

Being English I would definately have to second that it does taste darn good indeed! Especially with a lovely scone :)