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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cousin Vote

I'm not exactly sure how to run this, so I apologize in advance.

So...the Miliners currently live in Twinbrook, which is bad enough without everyone ending up related to them.

Through marriage and divorce they already have a large number of relatives.

Anyway, so far there are three cousins (not counting foster children), two of them close to adulthood.

Which cousin should have success in love, and which 2 should remain single forever?

Kelsey Dreamheart (daughter of Alesha's brother)

Saul Knack (son of Lynx's sister)

Toni Knack (daughter of Lynx's sister)
1. Kelsey should have little worm babies
2. Saul should have little worm babies
3. Toni should have spawn
4. None of them should propagate - what were you thinking putting a legacy in Twinbrook?

I guess vote in the sidebar?  Until next Tuesday?  Uncertainty?

1 comment:

Archivist said...

Kelsey is definitely the best-looking of the three. :-)