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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Prologue 1

1- Bobsie Knack
2- Lynx Miliner

3 - Saul Knack
4 - Maebe Miliner
5- Toni Knack
6 - Fisher Miliner
7- Aurata Miliner
8 - Bombay Miliner (If she had been I boy I would have named her Meezer - bet she's happy she's a girl)

Just testing the waters with my Legacy idea.   The founder and his wife are very near the end, and that is with them scarfing down huge amounts of life fruit.   I wanted to feature something with them, before they go.

I am of course thankful to Archivist and her comics, and Kittycattylion, Berry, FuryRed and all of the other legacy authors out there.   Without you guys showing that it could be done, where would the rest of us be?   <3



Archivist said...

This looks so cool! I've always wanted to read comics by other Simmers. Looking forward to reading more. :-)

Scones For Cream Tea said...

You = awesome
me = giddy

Thank you so much!