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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So I turned aging back on...

The bad news is Ocelot and Cho are moments away from keeling over.  But on the bright side Bombay won't need to be a pupa forever.  I probably could do endless comics about the Miliners as they are now, but it's fun to see them change, too.

Lynx had a birthday!

From left to right Maebe (daughter), Bobsie (sister), Fisher (son), Liam (lol), random uninvited kid, Alesha (wife), Toni's shoulder (niece),  Dulcita (sister in law), Saul (nephew), Pooky Scones (me)

Kelsey and Fisher say OMG YAY

Ocelot, Alesha, and Maebe say OMG YAY

Lynx sparkles maturely
The end result

There's a boatload of birthdays on the way.  I hope Ocelot and Cho don't kick the bucket while guests are there.


Shyne said...

I really love your Sims, they have unique features :)

angiebeno said...

I love that shot of Lynx at the end he's so suave!

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Thank you Shyne :) I'm so used to looking at them now, I don't even think about it. LOL, though there is a bunch of them available to the general public to download and abuse as they see fit.

Haha, thank you angie. I wouldn't call Lynx suave, but I guess he ended up with a slew of children somehow.