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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Miliner event: Heiress reaches childhood, immediately stops smiling

It was also Aurata's birthday.

I took many many many pictures for the comic, but was having too much fun playing to stop, due to my love of the Miliners.  Here's hoping I don't need to go back for any re-dos involving toddler Aurata or baby Bombay.   I better work on some comics, plus track down a prom dress for Maebe (!!! :D), before I open the game back up.   Or who knows, I could truck along through several more generations, and then totally confuse myself with the massive amounts of screenshots.
Birthday tickles!
It is a testament to the power of Aurata that Maebe woke up, had a teenager mood swing, wished to get in a fight with Ocelot and end her friendship with Cho, booby-trap the house, and then also wished to tickle Aurata.

Unlike for Bombay, Aurata got a party.   And also a glitched game.   It was past midnight by the time someone in her family got her to the cake, everyone was smelly and starving, and all but one of the guests had left.

Good intentions, paved roads, so on and so forth...

"Are you excited?"  "EXCITE!!"


I'm not sure what's going on here, other then it was right after age up.

Devoted grandfather ate at work before the party.

The one guest is cousin Saul.
Oh yeah...

  Previously, Fisher had his bed in the smallest bedroom.   It was also one of the rooms where I'd totally ran out of motivation to decorate.   So it was, essentially, a tiny, depressing, ugly box.    But then, out of the darkness, there was a Camille.   And she was magical.   And the depressing box instead became a small bedroom, appropriate for two fashionable siblings to share.  And scones left her husband to marry the transparent storage cubes, because they are that awesome.
Augh, blurry. Click for full size if interested :)
Aurata smiled for almost every minute of her toddler-hood.   Oh well.   She has purple in her hair, and it's not mutant blond, and so she's heiress.   Not that purple is a requirement, since Lynx got to stay and Bobsie got the boot in gen 2 - I just was extremely pleased to see Ocelot's hair. Oh! And...she rolled Neat.

So, no more gen 3 babies.  I am very pleased.


angiebeno said...

Ah birthdays are the best i love seeing how they turn out!

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Me too! I also like seeing how your family turns out. :D

Fisher's b-day is in 9 sim days and I'm a little worried. It looks like he got Cho's jaw width and Ocelot's shape, which may give him a giant Lockjaw face like Saul's.