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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Miliner Project: Mercurial Maebe

through the fruit trees and mystery bushes and overgrown lettuces and hid away from ears and eyes in 

the windowed shack known as the conservatory.

Carved into the side of the hill, in the evening a chill roiled and boiled in ghost streams across the walls and floor.   The whole building smelled like damp, mossy, stone and well tended plants that expected rain and care and attention to come their way soon.

It was, in short, the ideal place for making plans and whispering secrets of the best friend variety, with only fireflies as a witness.


"I know I've said dumb things."


"Really, really dumb things?   Like, the dumbest things ever."

"Ok.  Did you ask me here to help you feel stupid?  Because, even if it's true, I've had enough of the drama llama pity party."  Toni lightly punched her cousin on the arm, as they settled into the old wooden bench.   It was weather worn and worm nibbled; so old that it dipped dangerously on the bottom, which made it all the more comfortable and cozy.

"No.  I need you to tell my family I'm staying with you if they call."

"Oh gawdberries, does this involve a boy?"  Toni looked both thrilled and like she might vomit.

"Oh come off it.  When do I have time for boys?  I just unloaded a heap of stupid on Grandpa' for suggesting I wanted a date for the prom."

"Oh yeah, 'cause that's a totally unreasonable suggestion, right there.  Date for prom - OH EM GEE kerrrrazy."

"It's stupid."  Maebe slumped back in the bench. "You know our plan? How it got shot down?  I got my hopes up for like one half a second that Grandpa could help us get things back on track.  I mean, he knows all these interesting people from Mommy Cho's incessant parties.  And then, instead, he told me all about our family and dating and I really did not want to know that stuff."

Toni went back to looking like she might puke, before laughing.  "Yeah, seriously.   Our family and dating?   Completely strange.   Did you know I read my mom's journal when I was about 12?"

"Oh no, do I want to know?"

"Nope, you don't.  Anyway, my dad?  He was dead when he married Mom.   And for a wedding present Grandpa brought him back to life!"

"You are such a liar."

"It was in the freaking journal!" Toni waved her hands around excitedly.   "Anyway, Mom wrote, get this, that my dad not being a ghost took a lot of the spark out of the marriage."

"Oh.   Such. A liar.   Besides, are you ok with talking about this, I mean, because your dad..."

"Passed away last year?  No, it's ok.   We've adjusted.   Gotta laugh about it, right?"

"I guess."  The cold air dripped down the brick wall, and pooled around their feet.  Little insects cried about the state of dating these days, chirps and buzzing and flashing fireflies.

"Yeah, thanks Toni, they did."  Maebe sucked in a quick breath.   "But I just loved the idea of us performing."


"I still think it's a good idea."

"Yeah?  Oh, you're not going to prank the school again?  My favorite jacket still smells like frogs..."

"Uh.   No."   Maebe twiddled her fingers, and paused to watch out the windows, peering into the purple evening light.  "Look.  I'm tired of spazzing, ok?   I was reading about one of my favorite bands, and this guy... he had a bad temper, but he went traveling, and like learned how to meditate and harness his inner discipline and...and...that sounds like exactly what I need kinda sucks right now because we got shot down...and..."

"And you are SO going to Google meditation, right?"

"I don't think it's enough."

"You say you don't want to spazz anymore, but if you're suggesting what I think you are then....THAT is a giant pile of spazz right there.   I'm not going to just let you be stupid."


notes from scones:

It was hard to give up the idea of a 100% webcomic format - but ultimately I wasn't happy with the amount of information I could fit in each update.   Maybe with a more hybrid approach I can fit in important information, have it make sense, and move things along a little faster.

Feedback always 100% welcome.    Because I wubbles you guys.

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