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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

weird pep talk

This got me thinking.

I haven't really commented on it, even though the pictures of Ashen with a mustache are, perhaps, some of the most lovable pictures I have ever seen.    And the whole thing gets me riled up.

And anxious.

Though making me anxious is a little like making the sky be up above, it really doesn't take that much outside help.

There's all sorts of questions that I start to ask, like...what if one of my sims has a baby with someone else's?  Whose sim is that?  Can I share that new baby sim's file? Is that a big enough reason to keep other people's sims out of my legacy?  What if story progression generates a townie, and I have no idea who the ancestors are?

Though that's different then taking someone else's sim, changing the hair, and then announcing that anyone else is able to take and change as they see fit - when it's not your work to give.  That's just being bad at the word Community. 

How would I feel if I saw someone else post Bennett or Ocelot or the carrot cake or the brain tattoo?

And that is the point where my husband interrupted with a weird, but helpful pep talk.

Me: anxie ie iei eieieieeeetyyyyy....
Husband: Do you know when you've gotten good at playing an on-line game?
Me: When
Husband: When someone calls you a hacker.
Me.  What?
Husband:  It's just like that!
Me: No.
Husband: Ok, umm...if someone steals your work that's like... a compli...
Me: No.  It means they think I'm obscure and can be taken advantage of.
Husband: But you haven't lost your ability to make new things.
Me: Illusion of safety!   My worst case scenario is someone steals something, and then I get blamed as a thief.*
Husband: If it's something you drew you can always send a DMCA Takedown Notice.
Me:  Illusion of safety NOT restored.   But I do like to file things.

It's true.   I'm a filing fiend.

So that was my weird pep talk.   But it kept me for anxietifying myself out of sims existence.

*another thing I'm thankful for, since TMN posted a picture of the carrot cake people might recognize it.   I should maybe be more social, but I'm shy and it's not easy. Thank you Mares.  <3

In other news:
I can usually narrow the number of pictures down to about 30 when making new comics, but this time around I got it

And this was going to be the update where I try a new format, one that allows for faster updates and more information.   But....90! Screenshots!   And that's after I discarded a bunch - it took almost 15 minutes just to open them all.

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