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Monday, July 11, 2011

High hopes

First of all, apropos of nothing, other then I was just looking at it, the image adding thingermabob is now in Russian, and it only works if I constantly wave my mouse pointer around.  If I stop waving my mouse, it stops uploading images.   I feel like a wizard.

Anyway.   I had a problem where first there were infrequent mixologists, and then none, and then all of my service sims vanished, except for an elder consignment specialist.

new mixologist (and terrifying bouncer)
So, as always, I turned to Twallan, and The Register fixed everything up for me.   Plus, I nervously hit reset everything in MC, and that also seems to have helped with lagging.    I'm going to find a way of making someone marry that mixologist.   Maybe not in the current Bridgeport universe he inhabits, but somewhere, somehow - mixologist pupae.

Next up on the high expectations list: this girl.   She is a born in game child of my phony sim self.   When I have real teenagers? They will be this awesome, or I will dye their hair while they sleep.   I'm a little scared that I'll tell stories like, "When I was your age I had a hot pink faux hawk."   and they'll be like, "Yeah, well, it's business up front and party in the back, wassuuuuuup."



And... that green hand?   Gets my hopes up for aliens every single time.   It's even wearing a nerdy Star Trek shirt! 

Maybe it's a Twinbrook zombie.   Yeah, that's it.  Zombie.   All is well.

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