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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

100 Post Party! We have Cakes :)

Whee, party!

Lets see...some music:

Yeah, I think that sets the right sort of mood, don't you think?

And, of course the promised cake.    I didn't want anyone to escape unfed, so there is plenty.

I made four new types of cake for you lovelies.   Everyone likes different flavors, after all. :)

 Pumpkin Cake
lightly spiced pumpkin cake with chocolate chips and a cream cheese frosting

This one is, of course, my favorite.   It has pumpkins and is very Miliner appropriate!

Fanciful Evening Cake
A soft lavender frosting hides a startling chocolate and white chocolate orange cake with orange buttercream.

 Green Tea Ice Cream Cake
green tea ice cream with a chocolate crumble hidden under a cherry frosting - eat it fast!

 Summer Berry Rainbow Cake
vibrant vanilla cake with fresh strawberry sweet whipped cream frosting

These are all recolored birthday cakes, and show up separately in the birthday cake section.   As far as I can tell only the cake, platter, and candles are customizable, and the cake slices default to boring birthday cake.

 Thank you so much to everyone who has visited.  100 posts went very quickly, in large part because of the comments and feedback.   I hope I continue to entertain!


Edit: Homigolly MS3B snapped these up fast.  Hello!  :)    And thank you!  This turned into a big party, real fast!   I saw some of you liked to have MOAR CAKE and you can find a carrot cake here,  and then after I made that I discovered that Mensure had made some amazing chocolate and berry ones here, at TSR.

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