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Friday, May 13, 2011

800 views! :D!! Thank you - I made you a gift

I can't believe my little blog has had over 800 views.   I'm sure a lot of it is the Miliner's - so they thank you, too.

And the thing that leaves me totally gobsmacked is that it's not even 800 people visiting once, people actually come back a second time.   That is significantly more exciting and touching.

And how to celebrate?

I made you a carrot cake!  It's a brand new item, not a replacement of the current cake, so you get to pick which one to serve your birthday simmies.

I'm still pretty newby so there's some things I have no idea how to fix, like the little flowers on top from the specular layer, and the cake slices are still the same old cake slices.

But, still...celebrations and cake.  They go together like milkshakes and rapid hair growth.

I used THIS tutorial (again, because it is amazing)
Teacup is by Jeanie

Enjoy, I hope it finds you in good health, and thank you all.  <3


angiebeno said...

nom nom nom!

Yummy cake thanks so much ;)

800 views is awesome too!

Archivist said...

Yay! Grats on 800!


Scones For Cream Tea said...