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Thursday, May 19, 2011

plot overload

I'm trying to strike a balance between lighthearted and doom and gloom foreshadowing for the Miliners, so expect delays while I waffle. :D  (So...what do you think Ocelot is searching for?  And what could possibly be a worse thing to find in your garden then squirrels?)  Am I rambling?  I've been up since 3:45.

Also, I'll be putting in 10-12 hour days for work (luckily, a lot of it reading at home).

So, to continue a fine tradition of distracting myself I learned how to make tattoos and made a sim for GoS.

brains!   also a good tattoo for zombies?

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an older version of the download with the pattern included, please don't use the pattern.  I don't think it's right.

See more HERE  <3

From what I understand you can just plop the .sim file in with your saved sims, and the sim will be waiting for you in create a sim under young adults.   So far the only time I've had trouble with .sim files is when I don't have the correct skin, otherwise missing CC is either replaced with horrible clothes, purple eyeshadow, or just left off (like piercings).  

I do have a lot of CC listed, but you don't actually need any of it.  Feel free to pick and choose!

Optional sliders, only if you want to tweak her features or body shape further:
ahmad's facial sliders (the newer ones that came with lip height sliders), jonha's body sliders, tumtum's chin dent slider, jasumi's nostril definition slider, Master Controller slider limit x3 with CASim integration module

recommended skin, shipped off in default pale:
ephemera's sunny non-default

my raw silk texture
DOmiNICZKA abstract no. 3

tattoo:  I included the love your brain tattoo, but not the lithium bohr diagram with hearts (replaced with EA tattoos)

jessica2020 brows:

Arisuka's asian eyebags

Breyete Spring&Summer


chinese rouge by lemonleaf:

undershirt as glove:

3 color channel jolly roger stockings

short nails (formal)

dr. pepper shorts
Ivana roller derby shirt, EA store
rawk n rebel formal slacks, EA store
Eleanor jacket, EA store 


Shyne said...

I love her facial features :D

Scones For Cream Tea said...

Thank you :) Sliders all the way!