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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

streaked curly hair

So...I begged complete strangers for gifts.

And I got one: CLICK
(though, really, it's a gift for all.   ♥)

And thus I failed to learn a valuable lesson about begging and pandering.

Ari looks so fantastic in streaked hair.   She was made for it.   She also looks completely different from Maebe, it's hard to believe they have the same parents.

Wait until you see.  :)

Edit:   My next post will be #100!   What should I do for it?    Make some tattoos or a new custom cake?  A new sim?  Hold off on posting until the next Miliner installment is done?   Pretend I didn't notice and post like normal?


Edit edit:
in progress...
Also, because I'm impulsively helpful, I volunteered to make a tattoo set for the GOS sims challenge.   Whenever I don't know what to draw, I default to cats.  Is that ok?  Also, it seems like very few people draw things, is it...taboo? or..?   But even if it sucks it's better then people winning nothing, right?  Er...right?  Edit Edit Edit: nope, they don't need 'em now.   Phew.

Editediteditedit:  Not going to be able to do exactly what I planned.   I pouted, and then made a video of a book from the future.   Moving on!  :D

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