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Monday, January 17, 2011

Nothing Distemporal

Nothing here was made as Meghanne's brother, and he's turned into one of my favorites.   Must be that combination of talented, driven, yet painfully shy.

Arisuka -  natural lipstick
M. callero – strawberry skin (looks best in this skin)

Mid-hawk - Loud, Fast, Clash! (store)
Scary man chin sprout – Late Night

speakerhead t-shirt from t-mobile
Sailor Slacks - Victorian Fashions (store)
Victorian Shoes for Men - Victorian Fashions (store)
wrist cuff – Late Night

Business Casual - Victorian Fashions (store)
Jeans – Late Night

Shirt – late night
Shoes – t-mobile

Here he is after I accidentally turned him into a vampire.   I didn't think he'd say yes, after all.    If a zombie colored vampire doll asked me I'd say no.

He's still cute.

And you will be getting the non-vampire, apparently has a weakness for blood sucking dolls, version.

Here he is with default replacement eyes by Shyne.    Lookit how attractive they are.   I should have tried it sooner, I think. 

Do I need to say it?  Rock on.

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