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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meghanne Distemporal

So...a blog.

Seemed like it would be easier for plunking patterns and sims in one place.

Clearly, I'm just brimming with excitement here, and I'm sure it's infectious and soon you'll have an internet rash.


I saw and immediately wanted Jace Freeman in my game.    So I went through the list of CC and grabbed most of it because even though I've been slow to jump on the CC boat, I really wanted Jace to look right.   And then once I had it I set to making sims with it.

So thank you Scar My Sims - this is fantastic stuff and I'm glad Jace tricked me into using it with his lovely David Boreanaz - esque browline.

My goal for Meghanne and her brother, Nothing (to come later), was to make sims that looked out of place, maybe even a touch off, but still completely likable.  I plunked them into Bridgeport, but I think they wouldn't look too out of place in Twinbrook.


Victorian Frill Shirt - Victorian Fashions (store)
Ballyhoo! - Victorian Fashions (store)
shoes & accessories – Late Night

Top – Late Night
Hair - Labyrinth Twists (store)

Yoga pants – JCPenney Teen

Hair - Sophisticate's Bun - The Ultimate Career Bundle (Ambitions)

Look at how happy she looks to be near someone as frown-y as Jaden.   How could you not love her?

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