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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost done...

Why oh why is this not Earl Grey?

First off...thank you to Mod the Sims and the skininator and easy to follow tutorials!

I know whenever you sit down to play the Sims you think 'Oh man, I wish my sims could look like pensive sepia photographs without having to push the button labeled 'sepia' in Photoshop.'   Fret not, I have been pouring ludicrous amounts of time into making a sepia tone ramp.

I am in love with making tone ramps now!   They require very little dexterity, which is good, because the cartilage in my wrist is still giving me grief.

I have gone through at least a dozen variations of this ramp...pulling out colors that were too green, too bright, too gray, too dark...

I'm pretty happy with this latest one - all I need to do is figure out how to add text to the little slider window that is both legible and helpful.

I wasn't originally going to share it - but hey I'm happy with it and I'm not going to be forcing anyone to use it, just making it available if someone would like to add it to their own skins.  So I guess...why not?

P.S.  Brightened hair is from Shyne

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