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Sunday, February 17, 2013

buggy game: trouble with junkyard spawners

I'm not sure what happened, but either EA broke junk spawners, or a mod is fixing junk so it's not junk, or there's some weird interior decorating gremlins.   If you have a junyard in your town you might notice that it is filling up with huge amounts of perfectly good furniture that most sims can't pick up or otherwise salvage.

To get rid of the deluge of furniture (if you have one) just build/buy on the lot, from edit town.  Bring down the hammer of unwanted furniture justice, etc.

Use the buydebug menu to view spawners.

Delete them.

Spawner #1 might work.   I haven't tested it, so I can't say either way.   In my junkyard spawner 1 and 2 look fine, as they are not mobbed by a circle of leisure furniture.  How brave do you feel?

I'm sorry if this is old news.

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