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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Download: Tickytacky Elixir Shoppe

Welcome to the tourist trap Lucky Palms Elixir Consignment - Tickytacky Elixir Shoppe

I've been chipping away at revamping Lucky Palms for my spoiled sims, and finally I've finished decorating the Elixir Consignment.   I used it in my story a month ago, but only the outside was finished.

Lucky Palms seems like it should be full of places designed to separate tourists from their money, so I tried to build something that is flashy, but still blends in somewhat with the rest of the buildings.  Haha, I'm not sure how well I did - but at any rate this is a fun place for Alchemists to hang out with dates or friends.   It has a gem cutter, bees (honey from community lots is always nice quality), a stereo and chess table and several other goodies.

Tickytacky Elixir Shoppe
a Lucky Palms themed Elixir Consignment Store
Lot size: 29x13
Placement: On one of the "houseboat" pier lots

Base game + Supernatural EP

Store items (all pay items are outside, so if they are missing and replaced it shouldn't interfere with routing too badly, I hope):
Lucky Palms***you really need Lucky Palms for this***
Keep Me Clean Outdoor Shower
Specter Sweets (free)

Custom Content:
Bare Concrete wall gradient by Simpulse
Fall Out 3 mushrooms by Aikea and Gelydh

this is a .package file and it goes in your Library folder

More pictures under the cut:

the LLAMA only works if you have at least 2 in town

townies will fill the cauldron with collectables for you - hurray for townies!

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