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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Knack Division: week 4++ (part 1)

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Short update because there's too many pictures.

 "I am the great, fabulous, Tondini! Eeeehehehehe."

Even though Toni had dozens, if not hundreds, nay, make it thousands, of children underfoot, she still found time for being unrelentingly fabulous.  At least in her heart she's a star, even if she was so busy cleaning messes, keeping track of children who age suspiciously quickly, caring for pets and upgrading appliances that she couldn't even get a gig at the park.

How she spends her day - doing chores (so her kids can make potions) and getting meowed at.

She'd never pictured herself as the type to boost everyone else to success from behind the scenes, but she loves every second of it.  Plus, she can shoot ice out of her stick thingum, so there.  Not that she would mind an extended amount of time to focus on her career, but things like that don't just show up out of the blue, now do they?

It seems like no matter where Toni goes, or what she does, there's a new little mouth depending on her.  For example, this is Christopher the frog.  Christopher used to be an apple.  Now he spends his days happy, yet terrified.  He wishes he lived somewhere with a lid.  His only consolation in life is that no one has tried to kiss him.   He's scared of catching the flu, because sneezing would be cumbersome.  On the other hand, that other apple just doesn't seem to be having as much fun.

He was witness to the toddlers growing into children.  Christopher was supposed to take the pictures, but he didn't because he's a frog.  

"Well, kids, keep doing whatever it is you're doing, tell your little friends to buy Mom's music, and please wait a week before aging again."  Alfred had adapted to married life with children very easily.   He did this by ignoring the children and writing articles while watching TV.  It was a system that seemed to work for the Knacks.

Dingo glanced up from her Super Team Super Themed Sugar Wheat Crumblies.  "Daaaaaad, why doesn't Callie have to go to scouts?  It's not fair!"

"It's not fair that you get to have eyebrows.  The other kids poke fun."

"Whatever, you should have bangs, like me."  Dingo dug into her breakfast nummies, already wondering why she would want Callie in scouts with her.

"Besides, there are as many as 1 billion bacteria in one teaspoon of healthy soil, and in Scouts you learn gardening.  While logically I know that ingesting them would help me boost my immune response, I just can not make myself touch them.   All those little bacteria, just waiting to crawl around on my skin, get stuck under my nails, waiting for a chance to imbed themselves in my eyes...."

"Ok. Stop it."
"Well, time for school.  Bye!"

"You win this round breakfast, sister."

Even though Callie's three siblings were forced to be in scouts by their busy loving parents, Callie refused to go home until her brothers and sister were finished.  Instead, she would hang around the playground alone, waiting so they could all bicycle or broomstick the long trip across Lucky Palms together.

It wasn't all bad, though.  Callie discovered the trampoline.

"Yay! I'm playing without touching anything!"

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