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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Knack Division: Nalewrimo week 1.5

Tumblr week in review
from beginning

Note: I don't think you need to read both tumblr and here - especially since high speed legacy writing has a certain nonsensical backbone to it, but it will help.  Plus, I'd be thrilled out of my Halloween themed gourd if people actually looked at all the pictures. 

60ish brand new images under the cut.  Plus some words.   Not as well edited as I would like, due to not feeling 100%.  I am sorry - sometimes the best you can aim for is 'not too painful to read.'

Toni’s idyllic, and unarguably magical, holiday was cut short as she was dragged back to reality.  During the cab ride home, she pondered all the trifling details of her life that made her want to just scream.  Her house was a cluttered shack, her constant companion had hooves that hurt like the dickens, and after pouring so much time into a relationship, she’d ended up with nothing.

So - did she want to pour all of her efforts into a career?  The prospect of wasting time looking for someone new didn’t really appeal to her.   She could rise to fame and marry the band manager - winning back the 15% cut she’d originally had to relinquish.  But that plan did not appeal.  There just had to be more to life then wearing tiny shorts, singing her heart out, brushing Freeman, and finding risotto on her sandy lawn.

What she wanted was to win Alfred back, that big, married, dark-eyed, dummy, without sacrificing valuable career time to do it.  A plan started to germinate - a hot headed plan.

Before she gave herself time to think, she gave the cab new directions, then she burst into Alfred's house.  She channeled all the pain from their instant connection, her first kiss, every single perfect date and funneled the rage at the first person she saw.

And she missed.

The spell designed to singe a juuuuuust a little instead caught the carpet on fire.  The ancient, chemical laden fabric burst into a fireball within seconds.

 Alfred's wife was on fire.

It was facepalm time.

Just as impulsively as she started the fire, Toni helped use ice blast to put it out.

Emi was startingly unphased.

But still...was this why Toni had fled Twinbrook - to end up as a near-murderess?  Even her horse barely liked her.  This would never do.

After a terrible night's sleep, full of nightmares, and three different showers to get the smell of smoke out of her hair, she broke down and called Alfred.  She would just have to apologize.  She was too fabulous not to.

She paced the entire property, scattering hay, smoothing her clothes, practicing some new songs from the radio.  This entire situation was unacceptable.

Alfred arrived.  Thankfully, he avoided the magic jelly beans and headed straight towards her.

Toni was certain she would be sued, or yelled at, or worse.

 Before she could say a thing, he surprised her with flowers.

Let me say that again.  He trucked across the gigantic property, and autonomously gave Toni flowers.  Toni had set his wife on fire, and he came right over to give her flowers.  She didn't have time to get a single interaction in. 

"Toni, I was so glad you called..."   

They flirted and had a long conversation filled with repartee and grumpy cat references.  It was almost like the past few weeks had never happened - including Alfred's unexpected wedding. 

 "Alfred I...think your wife might be a smoker."

"I think so, too!  The house reeks."

 "Plus, I think I might be a domestic cover for her criminal activities.  I was an easy mark after our sudden break-up."

"Oh, Alfred.  My dark-eyed darling - can't we go back to the way things were?"

 "I would like nothing better..."

After an instant divorce, and constant flirting...

Toni downed some glowstick juice for courage, and the two of them 'made up for lost time', as it were, if you know what I mean, it's a euphemism, eh.

The next morning Toni ensured that Alfred would never escape her hot-headed little clutches again.

 After several weeks of daily visits, Toni put a smile on Alfred's face with a special song and dance.  (I know what you're thinking, it's not that.  I mean, honestly!)

Hello ma baby
Hello ma honey
Hello ma rag time guy

 We're having a baby!

"Oh, my plans to study you fully are comming to fruition!"
"I mean, this is fascinating!"
"I'm pregnant, don't be messing with me."
"Do we still get to kiss?"
"Then I'm totally happy.  How about a backrub?"

And so Toni's pregnancy progressed smoothly, and their engagement was put on the back burner. Well, happily other then being dead broke-household funds were down to 12 simoleans.

On a restless night, when her back hurt too much to sleep, Toni tried out the wishing well.  Desperate times...

Free car!  Sold for baby money.

 They had a son.  Couch potatoE Alfred wanted to name him Nick, Jr - but they eventually settled on Nicodemus.

At this point, Toni realized she could never afford a wedding and a baby.  Luckily, before Nicodemus was sold Toni's problems were solved by...

sweet radiation poisoning, this baby was worth 39k
Hurray for conversion ritual.

Now lets stop and appreciate this random stray dog.

Which if Toni and Alfred had chosen to do that, they wouldn't be experiencing the following:

No mas!

Oh well, last chance for computer games.

Yup, triplets.  For a total of four babies.  Well, Toni did have a fear of being alone...

Alfred is smitten with his first born, Nicodemus.  As they play, Toni wraps her arms around the two of them.

"Alfred, my darling.  Obviously, your remarkable eyes are not just contacts.   Be honest with me?"

"The truth is...I'm not sure.  I was adopted.  Other then having a doctor tell me that it's nothing dangerous, I don't know the cause."

"Oh, silly.  I was worried you were part alien and that you want to study us as much as live with us."

"Pish tosh.  How do you think of such things?"

Even ornery Freeman takes a shine to Nicodemus.

Ah! The benefits of being first-born!

Nicodemus Knack
First born
favorite color: violet
Easily impressed, genius

Shep Knack
favorite color: purple
easily impressed, clumsy

Callie Knack
favorite color: pink
eccentric, neurotic

Callie amuses and terrifies me.

3 little witches

And finally, the last triplet...

 Dingo Knack
favorite color: sea foam
athletic, hates the outdoors

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