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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Miliner Project: Knack Division (nalewrimo)

From beginning...

An update!  With words, and an attempt at a plot, and new pictures, and typos!

40ish pictures under the cut.

So...Lucky Palms.   It was hard to believe that moving to a new town, with no friends, no connections, and no real home was the least scary option available to Toni Knack.  She missed home, but things were getting uncomfortably bizarre, rotten, and scary in Twinbrook.   Besides, she was fabulous, and was bound to succeed to matter where she put down roots.  Er, right?

She hated all of the 50's era houses she'd toured, so in the end she dumped her savings into a huge chunk of land and a shack.  At least there was plenty of room of Freeman.  The bay mare and Toni didn't exactly get along, but Freeman was a brave and dependable source of company that Toni couldn't bear to live without.

Ok, house....uh kinda sorta CHECK
Super comfy bed, for beauty sleep...CHECK
Brand new job as a singer/song writer ... CHECK
Stall and running space for Freeman ... CHECK
Friends and having some clue where anything in this town is located ...
Time to go meet some neighbors, and find out where to buy groceries and other necessary things.

"Hello, I'm Toni, I just moved in."
"I'm Alfred. Would you like to come in out of the sun?"

Alfred has the cutest nose ever in the history of noses.  I'm glad I stopped here first!
 "I'm so glad to meet you, Alfred.  Hey, your eyes look very cool..."

 "HAHA, THEY ARE CONTACTS OK? Let's go watch some TV!!!!"

This guy wears glasses and contacts? His eyesight must be even worse than mine!
I hope Toni doesn't suspect the truth about me...
...because I really want to study her.

 Even though Alfred's house was decorated by someone who apparently believed that spending less money, but on significantly more patterns, was the way to go Toni found herself relaxing and having a great time.  So great that all of her concerns about being in a new town, and that traveling here still felt like being lost in a paper bag, just dissolved.


In the end, instead of asking him where she could buy some milk and dates, she asked him on one.

 And another...


And another...

And another...

Was this relationship going too fast?

Well, time to freak out and dump Alfred for no discernible reason.

Yes, really.

Even though Toni thought she head a voice saying, Toni? What are you doing! He was literally made for you! This is NaLeWriMo, we don't have time for this! she went ahead and ended her whirlwind romance with Alfred.  Then she slapped him.  Twice.

As soon as she'd safely ensured her single-hood, she started to miss Alfred, and wanted to speak to him again.

Toni tried to focus on her career.

But as she wandered the streets of Lucky Palms, she began to wish for a way to get Alfred back, to boost her career - to put her life on the fast track to success.

Imagine her surprise when she stumbled on a shop promising just that.  In the billboard by the door were pictures of smiling celebrities standing by that very shop!  Toni just had to give it a try. There were celebrities!  Smiling!

I hope I've done the right thing.

Yeah, I have!  This is sweet.

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