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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Knack Division: Week 2 (nalewrimo)

If you want the full emotional impact of Alfred being mysterious, I suggest you flip through the Tumblr week in review.  It's the moodlets that really get to me.

Also, holy smokes, I've taken a lot of pictures for nalewrimo.

30ish pictures under the cut!

Thrilled beyond any reasonable explanation, Toni had rented The Lucky Lush for a small, but fancy, wedding.   A wedding arch was set up by the windows, with a fantastic view of the mesas.  A cake was purchased and set up in a good spot for photos.  A local student was hired as a photographer.   Both Bonehilda and a babysitter were watching the four children.

Toni was so nervous she felt electric.

She took some time to great guests, including a strange little boy named Cake Scones.  He said he was from the well and wanted some free cake, please.  Well, ok.  Nothing was going to get in the way of Toni's wedding day happiness.

Toni changed into her wedding dress and waited for Alfred to arrive.  Ok, it wasn't exactly wedding white, but she had four kids.  Plus, llamas trump all.

Alfred never came.

After 3 hours of waiting and 2 hours of drinking, Toni made her way home.  She was so exhausted she didn't have the energy to be upset.

As soon as Toni arrived home, Nicodemus had a birthday.   The wedding cake had never been cut, so Toni didn't even have left over cake for him.

"Mom, I totally don't care.  Lets set Dad on fire."
"Whatever, he just showed up.  I'm going to bed."

Sure enough, Alfred was there, scooping up little Dingo like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

"Hello my darling Toni.  Do you forgive me?"

"I'm too tired to be rational.  Can we just go to bed?"
"Yeah, dummy.  I'm not going to send you away from our kids."

By the next morning, they seemed to be getting along fine.  Had hot headed Toni finally learned to take things in stride, and be less impulsive?

"Oh Alfred, lets just get married now.  Before anything else goes wrong."
"Okey dokey my beloved artichokey."

And so they were married, in their underyums.

"Shall we go try out being married?"

Alfred and Toni soon found out it was difficult to get frisky when they couldn't render get away from their hundreds of children.

It was time for a house.

first floor

future greenhouse
basement dwelling children

Alfred and Toni ran out of money part way through the development of their new home, but it was still a very large step up from furniture scattered around the yard.

Alfred's cat liked it because this was, very possibly, the first time s/he'd ever been fed.

 At least their house doesn't have a bad view.

Alfred inaugurated their new digs by piddling.  Maybe traditions are different where he comes from.

Alfred is happy to get Toni's attention, apparently.

 The newlyweds catch up on taking some amount of care of themselves, while Bonehilda deals with keeping the triplets alive.

 And Nicodemus discovered something amazing.  Lucky Palms is, basically, one giant, sand-covered playground.

"So, you are Dad's cat, are you? Well now, you are mine.  I shall love you, and you shall smite the faces of my enemies."

Meanwhile, Nicodemus's younger siblings struggle to control their magical natures.

Will Toni ever progress in her career?  Will she manage to understand her new magical abilities in time to explain them to her children?  Is Alfred secretly a troll?

Stay tuned, for all this, plus whatever else happens.

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