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Sunday, September 9, 2012

a couple helpful links

Crinrict helps to save us
EA admits that you shouldn’t save during a full moon

Yeah, they're right off my tumblr. Sorry!

Also, I installed one of the no zombie mods and it saved my current game.

Augh, I am so disappointed.  Seeing the first zombie at the cemetery during a full moon was fantastic.  Then having them spawn day and night right by the front door?  Took the wind out of my sails, that's for sure.

I really liked how mummies were NOT in every single sarcophagus, and didn't just randomly appear all over town.  I was hoping zombies would be like that, but with graveyards.  So seeing one would be a surprise and actually a bit scary. It seems like EA likes to make sure players experience the "special" events each and every time they play, but that defeats the purpose of special events, doesn't it?

Plus, you would be nice if the zombies actually bit other sims.   So....extremely low chance of one appearing, but high rate of spreading infection - that's how I would have done it if I were in charge. :D

I decided to put in some picture so it's not just me being a sourpuss.  When I'm not annoyed, it's fun.  I guess that's a good life lesson, if you're in the market.  (P.S. Mares...speaking of fun...I think you got the wrong booze.   Green and mysterious?  It's clearly from Switzerland...not from boring ol' US...)

she turned gold from a jelly bean

a porcini :D

Alfred Hoppsomething...I think. He's the changeling.  Also, EA SP moved him away :(

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