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Monday, September 3, 2012

Blank Slate House (download from Tumblr)

I posted this on Tumblr, but it will be easier to find again if I post it here. :)




first floor

first floor

first floor

first floor

first floor plan

second floor

second floor plan

first floor

Blank Slate House:
In anticipation of Simblreen I built this little house.  It’s partway between an empty shell and a finished house.  This is so it could be usable by townies if you decide to just plunk it in a town, but quickly customizable if you want to use it for your own evil plans.  I admit, I am not much of a builder, but I am really good at being excited about Halloween.

Crib and balcony

Second Floor:
Mostly empty, ripe for the plucking ready to be quickly customized.  If you have generations I highly recommend replacing the stairs to the attic with a spiral staircase. You will need to delete the little fence I put around the giant, gaping, scary, hole in the floor.
The roof pokes into the ceiling, and I don’t know how to stop it other then remembering to click the third floor off when taking pictures.

First Floor:
The most decorated and cluttered floor. I have hidden lighting all over the place so sims look good in pictures.  Other then making sims look good, the lighting doesn’t make much sense.

I used different shades of these colors:
The more you know:
Lot size: 15 x 20
  • patch 1.38 required for spiderweb pattern and concrete walls
  • base game
  • free store items used, mostly from the Halloween and Thanksgiving sets
  • That’s it :) No CC, EPs, or SPs used
Windows: Uhmmm…I only put windows on the front.  There are so many store and CC windows that are better then the base game ones! So I did enough windows to make the house look normal from the street.  Now changing over to nicer windows won’t take so long. I hope that makes sense and is not too annoying.
What you can use it for: Whatever (almost)!  Want to finish decorating it and then re-upload it? Ok, just give a nod here.  Want to use to to show off your Simblreen goodies? AWESOME. That is totally what I’m going to use it for! Want to put it on a pay site? No.
House weirdness: When I plunked it into Strangeville it fell into a sinkhole. :( Spooky. I used “setimportedterrainoffset 2.5” to fix it.


And thank you for looking. :)

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