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Friday, September 2, 2011

lilac breasted roller :D


I'm not all that excited about cats (even though the Miliners have a badly drawn cat...I like him badly drawn...), or dogs, or horses, or a plague of unicorns.

But I am really thrilled about lilac breasted rollers.

Err...I think almost a decade (!!!) ago I was lucky enough to go to Tanzania with my family, the lilac breasted roller was a very thrilling bird to spot in the wild.  So flashy  beautiful and colorful..  It's not like I can go on Safari every year, or even every decade, so it would be fantastic to have that little reminder show up in game.

I'm surprised EA put in a bird that most Americans are not that used to, it's not like every Grandmother has a lilac breasted roller and a budgie.

Watch, now that I'm actually excited, they'll take it out or rename it.

I don't have any sim safari pictures.  So here's another picture of Glendalough.

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