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Saturday, September 3, 2011

in progress: Twinbrook B&B (premade remade)

Edit to add: I've just been made aware that today is International Vulture Awareness Day.

I've almost finished tagging all my screenshots.  I realized...I miss actually doing that thing...what's it called?  Oh...playing the game.

So I got inspired by Wibs & the Sims to redecorate a premade lot.   I'm basically terrible at it, but it's still fun.   It's like meditation - my brain ends up totally, peacefully, empty.

Here is the victim lucky lot, It's called Nothin' But Deck, and it can be found in Twinbrook.   I figure after 3 or 4 generations in Twinbrook, some of the houses should evolve.  I thought the large deck looked like a nice dock for entertaining on, so that is how I arrived at Sneld's Bed and Breakfast.

So far I've revamped the outside, added a second floor, and decorated the boat house.  I still need to decorate inside and add some gardens.
Progress so far

Macintosh Sneld, hopeful B&B owner

Click for more pictures :)


entertainment area

boat house interior

I think it suits her

The curtains almost hide the toxic waste

Any thoughts on the B&B so far?

I'm really excited about adding a second floor and redoing the roof.  Usually it looks miserable, but from certain key angles the new roof looks ok!

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