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Monday, August 1, 2011

Today's Disconcerting Experience

Step 1: Play the sims for a bit.  Do some gardening and collect some metals and try to harvest a mate from the local townies, if it's getting to be time for the next generation in the game.

Step 2: Switch to playing Animal Crossing: Wild World.

My brain now sees older sims as Blathers, the owl in the museum.   And associates Tom Nook with the Born Salesman trait.

I'm sure it will only get weirder with the addition of Pets.

Hoo! Indeed, woo hoo!

Try it.   See if the two games don't start to merge.

Though, I think I might like gardening in Animal Crossing better, because you can get hybrid flowers.  The sims is a life simulation game, you would think they would have put hybridizing in the sandbox as well.

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