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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Awww! ♥

I knew I was focusing on art and CC and PT and trying to relearn all the drawing skills that I now feel like I've lost, but I didn't think I'd totally lost focus on other things that matter.   But no! I am a distract-able mess.   I've missed several updates of Chimera, and I'm sure other stories as well.   I will have to focus and hunt them down. :)

Also, Seaweedy found my story and added me to his Today in the World of Sim Stories.

Ok, I love that synopses so much I got a bit weepy eyed.

My tattoo set also ended up on MS3B.  I appreciate the huge amount of work that must go into maintaining a blog with that many daily updates, but honestly after reading troll comments before seeing my tattoos took all the fun out of it.  Which stinks.

But! Now that I've slept on it I don't think that making tattoos designed to work well with others was that stupid of an idea.   If other people start to make them I would be thrilled out of my gourd.   Plus, for whatever reason there are not many translucent, shaded, or 4-color tattoos out there.   I don't know why that is, it's not hard. If I can do it, when trying to learn new programs feels like getting poked in the eyeball with a migraine, then surely most people can.  I am basically a lunatic with art programs and access to the internet, but I'm a friendly lunatic and am happy to either answer questions or...admit to not knowing the answers.

Ok, back to taking pictures for the next update.  Oh and reading stories.   And working on projects.

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