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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ok, so. My brain feels weird.

I managed to get my Secret Santa gift for the GoS event done by Thursday.   I am painfully aware that it doesn't look like much, but I ended up spending close to 20 hours on it.   I really hope my person decides to at least posts the pictures.  It feels so weird to spend so long on a project and then not post it here.  She said she liked it though, so that's good.  (Technically, I felt sick with worry until she wrote back, and then my heart lifted and little birdies sang and even the cat was well behaved for 15 seconds.)

Also, I was pretty bummed about not finishing my giant project for the Alterna-chic theme.  But I didn't want to post nothing.

Then I had an idea!

They have a strict rule about no double posting, so I had to edit my post from the 28th to add it.  If this was a good idea, I hope people see it.   If it's actually a stupid idea then I hope no one sees it. >.>   <.<

The splat one originally had a canvas texture, and last night it still looked like canvas.   This morning it just looks rough, which aggravates me.

the post is here

That's a lot of time spent on making CC over the past 2 weeks.  Brain needs Oolong.

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