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Monday, July 25, 2011

blarrrrrrrrrrghity yay

It finally rained!   So I opened all the windows to let the cool air in.   Ahahaha.   I'm a sticky, melted, puddle.

But at least the air is fresh.

 Speaking of fresh, there's Ocelot's current wishes.  I hope I'm that spritely at...123 years old.


Have you seen sims by Peach E. Keen or Rosa?

You should.

They both post sim pictures at GOS, wish is how I found them.  Right now I'm the only person following Rosa, and I think that's stupid.  I love her sims - I think they look like stylish paintings.

In other news.   My Miliner Project save game now insane amount of time to load.   My other prettify Twinbrook side games take a quarter of the time, or less, to load.  It is painful to load the game at this point.   By the time everything loads I've gotten so annoyed that I've all but lost interest.  Any suggestions?

Also, I think I need to accept that my wrist isn't going to let me finish all the tattoos for the GOS bi-monthly theme.  I will keep working on it, but over a longer period of time.

But to end on a happy note my hand-me-down video card works a treat. Yay.

I sent one of my prettify Twinbrook couples to Shang Simla.   And, by the way, I heard the baby jingle 4 or 5 times and yet 48 sim hours after the vacation no baby bump.   Did I over baby jingle?  Maybe the baby got jingled right out.

Any-the-way - Hey look!   Reflections!   Playing with reflections on bogs the game down, but I temporarily don't give a hoot.   So pretty.

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