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Friday, August 5, 2011

sim file: Kippe Malifa

I have a confession.   I don't think I've ever successfully played a pre-made family to the point where the adults had grandchildren. 

Until now!

And I cheated because I edited the parents in CAS so they would look less cartoon like.  But it's the sims 3, world of cartoon features, so you forgive me, right?

Though it's ok if you don't forgive me for it being the Malifa family in Barnacle Bay.   I know!  It was gifted to me (thank you!).   And now that I've played it I think it is, possibly, worth money.   Twenty dollars? No, less than half that.   But, despite the hype about the attractive (whyyyy do they have such big eyeballs??  why??) sims in Bridgeport, Barnacle Bay has some of the cutest.   Ignore Nina and Dina, who are not cute, and focus on the positive - the Annan family.  Who I did not play.

And I certainly don't come out of the Barnacle Bay experience thinking, " golly! I can't wait to spend money on the next one!"  (Plus, green people who are not aliens or zombies?  Way to ruin the next "surprising" twist in my legacy, you nutters.) 

And now that I've filled you with compelling and contradictory emotions, we meander to the point.

Anyway, I started up my first ever Barnacle Bay game to test out Generations, and I got attached.   I think the youngest child is by far the prettiest, and different from most other sims I've seen.  So I am sharing her genetics with you!  Take that, whatever the sim equivalent of Monsanto is!

She's currently a teen in my game, but this is the YA file.  I've done my best to make sure all outfits are appropriate for YA, to avoid glitchiness.  Rather then make a large CC list, I took off most makeup, and stuck her in base game and Generations hair and clothes.   Default skin in pictures is by Ephemera.

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