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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Apparently sharing the gift pictures of the Christmas in July items is not taboo, as I feared.

So I will post them!  I'll still let my secret santee decide if she wants to share the download link, or not.   The event is still going on, after all.

I think CiJ filled me with anxiety, but...maybe I can get some helpful feedback on the items.

A sim, tried to go with the vintage Star Trek look.

view it in a room...!

Ok, the posters were out of my comfort zone.   Custom mesh with different paintings in the same file ... I know the tutorial said it should be easy.   But I was so unfamiliar with the program I re-made it about 6 different times.   I was happy with them at the time, now I'm really not.   Also, painting the backgrounds made me want to make custom walls, and I don't need any more projects.

I didn't realize how much stuff the sims 2 people were going to make for gifts!  I feel bad.   I thought the send date was the date we should aim for, and the extra week and a half was for emergencies, just in case something borked.

So...that is what ate up most of my creative time over the 2 weeks!   It looks like hardly anything!


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