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Friday, August 5, 2011


Hey now!

I'll have you know that I'm on GoS and I love Berry Sweet sims*.  Actually, I'll tell you a secret - Ocelot is based on Halloween candy.   Do you see it now?
want to eat

want to eat
Well, I didn't say I did a good job.

Also, I had no idea that finished worlds couldn't be edited in CAW.  That explains so much.

And, just to round things out with a nice non sequitur, our cat is sleeping in the linen closet.  It's so dang cute, even though I'm not sure about putting pre-cat haired sheets on the bed.  He waited for me to put the snuggly wuggly warm sheets in there, and then he made his sleep attack.

*and have you seen all the MLP avatars over there?  There's at least one!  That's infinitely more then zero, technically.

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