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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mysterious Sim Explores Mysterious Glendalough

Wish the Miliner house looked more like this.  *sigh*
My, what a mysterious stranger.   Who could she be?   *waves hands around mysteriously*

I posted about Glendalough earlier.   While I do have one (or more) custom towns that I've kidnapped and am in the middle of restructuring for the Miliners, I haven't had time to damage Glendalough yet.   So.  Picspam.  

Mwaha, etc.
Oooh...moody.   Is that a wild Mary Shelley novel in the distance?

Hedwig skills cabin
Almost every little plot of land is just adorable. 

The general feel is like the French countryside collided with New Orleans and Atlanta and Twinbrook.

Though as much as I appreciate being able to skill my sims without having to buy the equipment and find a spot for it - all I can think of is there better be antibacterial spray near any sort of public couch.  Or at least a Crumplebottom near any sort of teenager.

Who is that?
more delicious moodiness
The bad side of town is - very pretty, actually


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