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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Organize, Blather, the Danger of Knowledge

Do you know what I love?  Free trials.

So...the great Organize Screenshots Project has gone like this:
  1.  realize I have a problem
  2.  use the ancient (I say ancient, but it's really only 4 years old) and clunky software I have to try to fix the problem
  3.  for about 3 hours
  4.  and then I realize I've managed to tag 123  23 ( D:) screenshots
  5.  realize I have a problem
  6.  caved and downloaded the 30 day free trial of Adobe Lightroom
  7.  ran away to the Bahamas with it because I love it that much
  8.  resigned myself to a harsh, moderately spendy, reality 29 days from now :(
Oh sweet covetous pastry, this program is easy to love.   Adobe, you are evil and conniving and I love you.

In other news: supernatural creatures

To be honest, the only supernatural creatures I really don't mind are the mummies and the graveyard ghosts.   I know, I didn't expect that from me either!

I don't mind ghosts in the graveyard or mummies because I hardly ever see them.  So...that makes them more fun - the oh hey! something weird is going on! factor.  The bots are buggy, the vampires are like a mild mannered plague, and  the imaginary friends would be one of my favorite things if they were rare.   I mean, I do find them squee worthy and adorable, but not when they are everywhere.   I know there's mods to fix the vampires and the IF frequency and so on - but I didn't get the mods until after I was good and annoyed.

I would rather the supernatural creatures started off like meteor crashes - rare.   I've only had one space rock come rocketing towards the Miliner house, and in the end it was about puppy sized and it landed politely next to a tree.    I would have loved to have played in Bridgeport for a generation or two before spotting a vampire,  or played for several generations before getting an IF.   The instant gratification takes all the fun out of it, for me. 

Luckily, there's still the fun of pouting.

And, since I was thinking of meteor crashes, I appreciate how honest TS3 is about the pursuit of knowledge directly leading to death and dismay.   Not of that beating around the bush with the yuck factor or whatnot - just good old fashioned discovering of planets leads directly to burning hot rocks crashing on you.

Edit:   Look at how cute this new town looks.   I think even if I started moving the Miliners every generation, I still wouldn't make it to all the cute towns that are now available.    Sure, they run the gamut from merely adorable to jaw dropping - but even the merely adorable ones are worth playing for a generation or two.

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