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Monday, May 23, 2011

unnerving technology & thank you

I think, due to the sims 3 developers being behind the times on the oddball ethics of clones, I can just put a clone of Ocelot in for every generation.   Ooky? Yes.   But sometimes love means cloning your legacy founder and making him marry his grandchildren.   Oh, no, might be the wrong word.

But eventually, as was pointed out to me, the children would be predictably adorable. 

And with that totally disturbing train of thought burned right into your retinas I want to say thank you. <3

I looked at my stats and they said "Dummy, people have linked to you."

So...thank you!

That is very encouraging and very appreciated.

In other news?  Having a house of clones all talking to each other is pretty darn adorable.  I have a trio of Bennetts going right now.


Also, after months of saying "Man, that stuff looks great, I wish I had it." I finally snagged the advent gifts from GoS.   They do look great, and I wish I'd snagged them sooner. XD  I'm stunned by the amount of time that must have went into a month long event like that!


angiebeno said...

Oh i <3 the Bennetts and not just coz it's my last name!

Scones For Cream Tea said...

I must be on the Angie wavelength :D