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Thursday, May 26, 2011

finds: custom shapes for PS

I got frustrated with the amount of time I spent on speech bubbles and the limited default selection in PS.   So I found a lot of fantastic shapes to use, and they certainly look better, but I can't say I've saved myself any time. :D

Bubbles two by Plutos Eye

Actually comes with solid bubbles, which I find easiest to use.

BUBBLES by Plutos-Eye

Thought Bubbles by ManGo-01
Still empty vector shapes, which would be great for comics with a white background, but tricky to use on top of photos.
But the simmering anger bubble is pretty cute.

If anyone knows of an easy method for using those doughnut shaped custom shapes, please share.   Right now I draw as a path, convert to selection, then fill, invert and fill again on a separate layer. 

139 Grunge Vector Shapes by ardcor
I really want to love them, but so far I'm having a hard time finding a use for them.  I'll keep trying.

Steampunk Gears by dinn
also my new favorite tutorial of all time:

Sacred Geometry by merrypranxter
I've already used this one in the up-coming comic, though it's very small and hard to see - I know it's there and it fills me with nerd joy.

CSH winter trees by ~eiermann1952

Almost makes me wonder why in the world I ever spent time trying to draw trees when I could have been doing this.


So there we go!   I love you, people who make and share things.  And people reading about people who make and share things.  And people in general, unless they are jerks or zombies or jerk flavored zombies.

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