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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poida Launched Men Without Hats into my Brainmeats

Poida launched his new story :)

But then when I sat down to work some more on the next comic I 1)felt like my head was a bid naked and 2)kept singing the Safety Dance.

So then to counteract it I watched this video (if this doesn't make you respond to most questions with "We are the robots" then there is just no hope for you) then this video (check out the thing at 0:39), then this video, and then for a dose of extra catchy happy I watched this one:

In conclusion: Making comics is hard work.   Also, who else is thinking it would be great to make a sim band with a uniform of orange button down shirts?


misstickle said...

Poida's post had that affect on me too. At least you didn't get Rick-rolled in your search.

poida said...

Good lord, I haven't heard The Robots in such a loooong time... Gawd, I feel old now...

Scones For Cream Tea said...

misstickle: hurray! misery loves company <3

poida: we're not old, we're just lucky enough to know the best music ever