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Thursday, December 1, 2011

NaNo in review, plus blather

So...I ended up over a dozen hours short of my goal.

I managed to catch bacteria in my fancy bacteria net face, and it knocked me out for a few days.  I even missed 3 days of work, which was a real beast to recover from.  I realized I could either spend time with my family, or catch up on the NaNo hours, and I chose my family.  And then I honestly just ran out of steam after finishing the latest little story arc.  Oh! The guest pictures now have names and links.

Of course, soon after I resolved to be sociable our feline had a young cat spazz attack, as young cats do, and beaned himself on my leg, hurting us both.  I have a big bruise on my leg and now he steals cold toast.  Would have been safer in front of a computer! Especially for my toast. Ha!  So I suppose that's the first lesson I learned.

I also realized that while I can easily fit an hour of writing/simming time into the day, and still have time for chores and being an elliptical mining robot thing (because strolling along in an elliptical is just like that),  any more then that and I end up having coffee for dinner and doing laundry at midnight so I don't need to do a sniff test before work.  Naw, there is no middle ground there.  Either sane amount of time spent on a hobby or completely slovenly computer addict - those are the choices.

What else?  I really like this hobby.   I'm pretty happy just bumming around in Photoshop, skilling up so I can kill larger monsters catch better Pokemon use Photoshop more effectively.   And my writing almost makes sense now!

I also learned that while no comments here is mildly disappointing,  in the same way not winning the Lottery is mildly disappointing,  no comments on forums really bugs me.  Because that makes total sense in every possible way.

Which could be why I waited so long to join Boolprop?  Or it could be just that I'm not good at social...things.

The highlighted bits are where the last person and the first person to post match.

I think something similar happened on the EA forum - with so many threads it is impossible to keep up!  So a few threads become safe havens of sociability, leaving the rest adrift.

Also, the thread on top is announcing server price increases and financial distress.  Way to go Mares, you made them spend all their money on All-Clad pans, and now this!

On a related note, I'm thankful for your continued, if mysterious, support - though I don't think I'm so crazy. :D  I merely gladly suffer a heavy dollop of whimsical thinking.  There are others with the same glad suffering.

I don't know why the Sim Supply is barely mentioned, but the folks there have been very welcoming.  There was very little to no period of feeling like an outsider, and I've gotten some very helpful feedback there.

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