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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miliner Project: Shang Simla Guest Appearances

I love it when other people's sims travel across the internet - ending up on projects far and wide.  I admit, I am terrible at faces, but I love it anyway.

I've wanted to add other people's sims into the Miliner Project for ages, and as I added more and more I realized it would be fun to have a vacation destination party.

There's more (a LOT more) sims then this that I wanted to include, but I either couldn't find the files or couldn't get them to work.  And some sims, once added to Shang Simla, found a computer and refused to exit the house.  I can sympathize with that, but I wasn't able to get pictures of them. Or, for some characters I have plans for them further down the road.

I like to guess if I can put sim-names to sim-faces - so lets try to guess who everyone is, before I fill them in and try to add links. :D

I hope that this is as fun for you as it was for me. :)

 Fifty images under the cut

 click for larger image

Jonny Traytor

 (Vanilla) Punchette Meringue and Jonny Traytor

Jonny Traytor and Maebe


Punchette, Jonny, Maebe, and Lynx

Punchette, Jonny, Maebe, and Lynx

Punchette, Maebe, Jonny

Jonny , Maebe

Berry Pie


Hikari Tanaka

Hikari Tanaka

VidKid, on a jacket ( know what I mean)

Sage Moonblood Creeper

Sage Moonblood

Oh Royal, why were you barely outside?  ILU

Leigh Cheri Furstenberg

Jupiter Chimeree


Lynx showing his support of Twallan

Royal Foxglove

Sage Moonblood

Sage Moonblood


Hikari and...I lost the little paper where I wrote down his name ;_;

Hikari and darn cute wassisname

Samodha Shukyee (sorry, she's one of mine)

Jupiter (she must like the outdoors, because she was everywhere :D )

Jupiter and another darn cute wassisname


Berry and Maebe

Royal is annoyed by the pace of this guided tour

the 13th guest :O (Desert Cross)


Royal and townie

Hikari and Sage Moonblood
TMN (sassy shirt)

Lynx shows his love of Alice

Good book, Alice?

Kitty and Berry

Peppercorn, Kitty, Berry

on a boat

Peppercorn (one of mine, again - sorry!), and Ari (oh yeah, Ari got to go!)

Kitty, Ari, and Berry

Kitty, Ari, and Berry

Berry, Kitty, and Ari

And...that's all the half way decent pictures I could get!  Thank you, to everyone who could share a sim, and to the inspiring people, characters and stories that inspire me.



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